About us


Our company

In our company, we study, design and build the most sophisticated RF solutions for radio microphones, IFB and presenter cues, radio talkback and reporter systems available today in the professional broadcast marketplace. We provide durable, flexible, reliable and practical products. The products are conceived from specific company foundations such as attention to our customer’s needs and requests, the great value of teamwork and technical competence in every single step of production and research.

Research & Development


Our primary goal is to offer you the best quality wireless solutions and also the simplest, quickest and, in the long term, the most cost effective ones. Experience, high technical competence, thousands of hours devoted to training our staff, analysis and study of our products, careful market analysis are WISYCOM main characteristics. We are using the latest CAD/CAE and prototyping tools:

  • ADS from Agilent for electrical/radio-frequency design and simulation
  • CATIA for mechanical and thermal design and simulation
  • CAM software to feed directly our in house numeric-controlled machine tool

Product & Organization

lab1We are driven by great attention to detail and ultimate quality. For this reason we study and select carefully all our materials and components, we follow closely every step of production, final checks and fine tuning to give you the quality guaranteed by WISYCOM. The mass production is done totally in Italy through  a partnership with some of the biggest Italian contra-manufacturing : all of them certified with the highest ISO quality standards

Customer Service

CustomerServiceWISYCOM is technical advisor and a true partner to every customer. We offer you a constant presence, ready to help you any time you need. From custom design to evaluation and dimensioning of systems we stand by our customers in every step of the process.